Online Review – A Gold Megaways Scam?

Safari Gold Megaways slots

Grab your travel gear before you head off to the wild African Savannah with the all-action Safari Gold Megaways slots machine. This is a one-of-a-kind free slot from Blueprint Gaming, that comes complete with a regular Megaways casino slot and an additional virtual reel, it has 6 real reels and comes with an extreme high volatility. Although this particular slot has a rather unoriginal design, it’s well worth playing because it’s rich in action, thanks to the generous bonus rounds and the consistent high volatility. This online casino from Blueprint Gaming has good customer service and bonuses, which keep players coming back with increasing frequency.

The main interface for this free slots game on the internet is fairly clean, with simple commands on the left side of the screen in addition to a number of bonus icons in the lower right corner. On the right side of the screen you can see your earnings for the day, along with other useful information like the amount of coins you have, and a handy guide to help you place your next bet. As with most other online casino slots, the action is pretty fast and even the payout is pretty sizable when you play the Gold Megaways. This casino has an excellent range of graphics and sounds, which help the game’s realism, but make it a good choice for people looking for real money play.

Free Megaways slots

The two different paylines you can choose from for playing the free Megaways slots are the standard bet and the no-deposit bonus. For example, if you use the standard bet, you can win or lose nothing, but if you use the no-deposit bonus you will get five free spins on the regular slots and three free spins on the wild multipliers. The standard bet is $0.00, and the no-deposit bonus can be used on any of the slot games, but is particularly effective on the wild multipliers, where it doubles the payout. If you want to play with virtual cash, you can put money in the bank instead of using it in the game. This feature makes the site ideal for those who want to practice their skills and are not risking any real money.

The layout of the site is easy to navigate and provides a nice experience. It would be nice to have a larger variety of pictures and graphics, but the current images are sufficient. The interface and layout look good, and the software program is solid, allowing for quick downloads and secure payments. The customer service is prompt and helpful and is available through a toll free number, making it easy to contact them with any concerns or questions. The staff is friendly and helpful and the site is very welcoming and familiar looking.

The Gold Megaways website

The Gold Megaways website allows players to create an account and provides a medium to use for playing virtual cash games. To play in the virtual casino, the player uses a clickable mouse to trigger the spins and has to place bets. The software provides a simple interface and allows for multiple accounts to be opened. There is a quick start guide, an optional tutorial, a practice area, a help function for learning how to gamble and a rtp server in case the players need to access the site.

Random number generator

The Megaways special mode gives the player a chance to win real cash by using a random number generator. This mode uses an expanding characters system which randomly generates numbers for the first four numbers on the reels. When these are chosen, they form a pattern and the player then enters these into the winning combinations. Winning in this mode is relatively easy and players can win hundreds of dollars with it.

To make the game more exciting, the developers add a randomization element to the free spinning reels. The random symbols are added through an interface, making them appear in the positions that you would expect them to when looking at the symbols. There are also some special symbols added to win tickets in the bonus games. The free spins come in pairs, threes and fives and the symbols used change each time. When the winning combination is found, a message is displayed for all to see and a winner is declared.


The software does not provide any help or suggestions for strategy and there are no hints or instructions provided for the winning of the jackpot. Players may decide to play a few games for practice before trying to win big amounts in the online games. However, many who have been playing the game for some time claim that they have become experts within a short time. They claim to have learned the ins and outs of the expanding reels and the placement of the wild symbols. Through constant practice, they were able to predict the placement of the symbols on the reels and thus lay a foundation for developing their own strategy.